Floyd County Sheriff Addresses Jail Facility Issues


CHARLES CITY- Big changes are in store for the Floyd County Jail.  As of July 1st, the Floyd County Courthouse 4th floor will no longer operate as the county jail.

Sheriff Rick Lynch announced his decision to County Supervisors yesterday.  The jail cells will remain and act as a holding facility for  prisoners to be transported to the Mitchell County Jail in Osage. The change means that five Jailers, part of the Sheriff’s Office, will lose their jobs.

In October, State Jail Inspector, Delbert Longley told Lynch and Supervisors that the current jail is not sufficient.   In a letter, Longley says “The Floyd County Jail is an older facility that does not meet the current needs of the staff or public.”  Longley adds “Staff is encouraged to continue to look for ways to further address needs.”

The move will save the county about $100,000 annually.  The cost of building a new jail was estimated around $5 million dollars. The Mitchell County Jail will house prisoners for $135,000 a year.


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