Elementary Students Save for the Future


NEW HAMPTON- The Giant Piggy Bank program has been a part of New Hampton Elementary School since 1998. The program might seem old hat to some, but each year brings about a new chance for students to get involved, whether they decide to save money or apply to become a student banker.

New Hampton Elementary School Principal, Linda Kennedy says the program began as a way to teach students about finances and the value of money.

Children who set up an account are able to deposit money each week at school. Kennedy says the entire Piggy Bank program has over $600,000 in savings.

As a way to involve students even more, fourth grade students are able to become student bankers. Kennedy says each student banker goes through an application and interview process.

Third quarter student bankers began their term January 7th. This year’s third quarter student bankers are Emma Hovenga, Catherine Weaver, Ariana Meyerhoff, Brock Jenkins, Adelynn Ensign, Hope Ensign, and Bailey Kriener.  

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