Students Speak Out: Part 3 of 3

Charles City Comets

CHARLES CITY- Four Charles City High School seniors not only want to inform other students about proposed school facilities plans, but they also want to send a message to the school board.  Megan Joerger (YEA-ger), Alicia Ruzich (RUSE-ek), Madison Winterink and Jackie Foster recently created a Facebook group called “The Power of Purple, but We Still See Red” regarding the school facilities project.  All four ladies are in favor of a single campus option for grades 6-12.

When asked what they would like to say to school board members, Alicia Ruzich says:

Megan Joerger says she feels that the new board members are more concerned with saving a building and refuse to listen to dissenting opinions.

Jackie Foster says one day she wants to raise a family in Charles City, but she wants the best opportunities possible.

For more information on the students’ movement, visit their Facebook page titled “The Power of Purple, but We Still See Red.”

Tune Monday during the noon hour to hear the interview with student’s in its entirety.

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