Floyd County Supervisors Review Jail Contract with Mitchell County

Floyd County Courthouse

CHARLES CITY- Floyd County Supervisors say they still have a ways to go before approving a contract with Mitchell County for jail services.

On Monday, supervisors reviewed a contract to house Floyd County inmates at the Mitchell County Facility.  The contract states that Floyd County will pay Mitchell County the sum of $135,000 per fiscal year.   Supervisor Mark Kuhn questioned whether it would be  more beneficial for both counties if Floyd County only paid for the number of prisoners housed instead of a flat yearly rate.

The amount of $135,000 per year was determined by multiplying the  $60 per day cost for housing a prisoner by the average jail holding of 6.25  people.  Floyd County Attorney Norm Klemesrud says with the agreement, the county will probably house fewer prisoners.

Earlier this month, Floyd County Sheriff Rick Lynch told supervisors of the plan to no longer operate the 4th floor of the courthouse as the county jail.  Supervisor Roy Schwickerath says the jail will remain, however, and act as a temporary holding facility when prisoners have court dates.

In a letter, Mitchell County Attorney Mark Walk says Mitchell County Supervisors will sign and approve the contract at Tuesday’s meeting.  Before contract approval, Floyd County supervisors say they would like to iron out details regarding the payment schedule and a statement that holds Mitchell County harmless for any action brought on by or on behalf of a prisoner.

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