Osage Printmaker to Display Art in Charles City

stewart invite

CHARLES CITY-Art is an outlet for printmaker Lori Biwer Stewart.  Stewart, a resident of Osage, says she enjoys the art of carving images from a picture in her head.

Stewart is a linocut printmaker.  She carves images on linoleum and transfers them to paper, where they are then hand-colored.  She describes a piece on her Facebook page titled “Jar of Pickles.”

Stewart says she has no formal training in printmaking, but has been doing it close to 15 years.  She says she has created other forms of art, but enjoys printmaking best.

Stewart’s work will be on display at the Charles City Arts Center today through March 8th.  Her exhibit, titled “Carved and Pressed,” features over 30 pieces of artwork.  An opening reception for Stewart’s exhibit will be held tonight at the Arts Center from 5 to 7 p.m.  Admission is free. To get a sneak peak of her work, visit her website at lbstewart.com.