And Then There Were Three…


CHARLES CITY- School board members narrowed down proposed facility plans Monday in Charles City.  Board members approved modifications to both the blue and purple plans and ruled out four of the proposed hybrid plans, leaving three viable options.

The blue plan modification is to include grades 5 through 8 in the Middle School to make more space available at the elementary schools for future growth.

The purple plan modification has the district offices vacating the middle school building and seeking other entities to occupy the middle school space.

The board also removed from consideration four of the five proposed hybrid options.  One of the removed options known as the “Downtown Plan” was suggested by Charles City resident Doug Lindaman.  Lindaman suggested buying out nearby landowners and building an addition to the middle school or building a new high school near the middle school.  Lindaman says the plan is something the board could consider if September’s vote doesn’t pass.

Charles City Schools Superintendent Dr. Dan Cox expressed concerns with parking issues in the downtown area.

Board member Lorraine Winterink says proposed aspects of the plan do not provide the best opportunity for students.

Board President Jim Frisbie voted in favor keeping the plan as an option.

Board members will continue to consider the modified blue plan, modified purple plan, and hybrid #4, which includes a new 6 through 12 facility on the south side of town with grades 3 through 5 at Lincoln and grades PK through 2 at Washington.

The board will hold two more town hall meetings regarding the facilities project on March 1st at 9am and March 3rd at 6pm.