Frozen Water Lines, Sewer Lines Reported Across Area

Decorah, IA – In addition to water lines, now add sewer lines to the list of headaches for home and business owners across the area.

Decorah Water Superintendent Todd Ihde has reported that residents need to remain diligent in checking their property’s water temperatures to avoid freezing water service lines despite the recent warmer weather.

Ihde says there are steps that can be taken to avoid freezing the water lines, however there’s no preventive measure that can be taken for frozen sewer lines. Frozen sewer lines are more likely to be an issue for residents are away from their home for an extended period of time.

Frozen sewer lines have so far been reported at about 6 locations in Decorah.

Because of the high number of frozen service lines, residents should call their local plumber for assistance in dealing with a frozen pipe.