Capitol Comments by Rep. Todd Prichard (3-15-14)

Representative Todd Prichard was happy to have his family, wife Ann, daughters Katie and Emma and son Owen at the Capitol this week during spring break.

Another week has come to an end in the Iowa House. As it was spring break in Charles City, my family spent a few days with me at the State House. It was fun to have them along for a few days in Des Moines.

In other business the majority party has failed to set allowable growth (state funding levels) for public schools. This failure to act does nothing but add to instability for school districts. This situation especially hurts our rural schools districts such as ours. By law, the legislature should have acted over a month ago.

On other fronts, there is no movement on road use funding. I have been asked by many of the attendees at my forums as to the status of the road funding issue. My feeling is that unless the Governor takes a position on the issue of roads, there will be no movement in the legislature.

The House and the Senate are working together to address the issue of human trafficking and ensuring there is proper training and awareness for law enforcement as well as assistance for the victims of human trafficking. I am pleased with the bi-partisan support this issue is receiving this year.

In other news, local activist Tami Haught of Nashua continues to advocate for the modernization of Iowa’s criminal code as it relates to AIDS and HIV. Tami’s hard work is starting to see success as the House is taking up this important issue. Tami deserves a high amount of thanks and praise for her efforts.

Finally, I was happy to visit with three officers of the Charles City FFA and the FFA instructor, Jim Lindberg, last week.

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