The Bull Wins Farm Bureau Grocery Race


A bucket list item for many people is running around a grocery store like a crazy person like they used to do on Supermarket Sweep.  That was the scene yesterday at the New Hampton Fareway Store as the Chickasaw County Farm Bureau sponsored the Great Grocery Cart Race.  Your friends at 951 The Bull and the New Hampton Tribune competed against one another in an event designed to help the food pantries of Chickasaw County.  Each team was given a different list of groceries that totaled one hundred dollars and was sent out to retrieve those items as fast as they could.  The Bull’s team consisting of Kit Cameron and Tad Barry completed their list first and earned the coveted Chickasaw County Farm Bureau Grocery Race trophy.  The real winners were the local food pantries as stated by Chickasaw County Farm Bureau President Jakob Hackman.

Although this event could be considered the most fun way to raise money, the Chickasaw County Farm Bureau also supports many other organizations

The Chickasaw County Farm Bureau is very active in the community and according to Hackman they do great things not only locally, but at the state level as well.

For now, the trophy will be displayed at The Bull studio until next year when it becomes up for grabs again.  951 The Bull would like to thank both Fareway and the Chickasaw County Farm Bureau for putting on such a fun event for a great cause and then a special “Ha Ha” goes out to the New Hampton Tribune.