Floyd Co. Jail Discussions Continued Monday, Heated at Times

Floyd County Courthouse

At its workshop meeting on Monday,  Floyd County Board of Supervisors heard from Floyd County Sheriff Rick Lynch regarding  liability issues regarding  current condition of the Floyd County jail. At a budget review meeting in January,   Sheriff Lynch had informed the board that the current jail no longer met inspection and that it was too much of a liability for both inmates and jailers. Basing a decision he made because of  the report from jail inspector Delbert Longley, Lynch had then informed the supervisors that he current jail had too many indeficiencies and made a recommendation to start a contract with the jail in Mitchell County to house inmate. At a meeting on March 24th, the supervisors decided to check with their insurance provider to review the inspector’s report.

Last week, Floyd County auditor Gloria Carr informed supervisors via email that EMS insurance company providing insurance for the jail said it would provide liability insurance for the county jail.

Sheriff Lynch commented on the liability issue.

Discussion was held regarding the current budget, which is set for a little over $220,000. The supervisors acknowledged that the budget would have to be amended if the jail is to remain on a daily operational basis. Sheriff Lynch presented three options for the board to review.

Supervisor Mark Kuhn read a portion of the statement from jail inspector Delbert Longley who clarified that the Floyd County jail does not meet the needs of the staff or the public. He also stated that “this does not mean the state was intending to close the Floyd County jail, quite the contrary, that it is only meant to make you aware of the current conditions.” Kuhn questioned the fact that the insurance provider for the county was not contacted prior to the recommendation to change the operational status of the jail. He said that in the eyes of the insurance company, they have no qualms about providing liability issues.

Floyd County attorney Norm Klemsrud disagreed with Kuhn’s statement.

Lynch went on to explain that option 2 of the three options he presented to the supervisors would eliminate two staffing positions. Inmates who are considered “long-term” would be taken to Mitchell County.

Magistrate Marilyn Dettmer spoke as a tax-paying citizen of Floyd County.

Supervisor Schwickerath spoke to the issue of safety in the jail.

An email written to staff by Sheriff Lynch was read by Supervisor Kuehn and addressed to Lynch.

Other comments were made about pursuing bringing in an expert for advisement on the matter.

No decision was made regarding the Floyd County jail at the yesterday’s workshop.

Among other items on the agenda, the board approved an application for use of the Floyd County Courthouse grounds for signage during ChickFest.


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