Iowa interests testify at renewable fuel hearing


Des Moines, IA – RadioIowa – Those who are against an E-P-A proposal to cut the amount of renewable fuel required to be used in the country testified before a U-S Senate panel Tuesday. The director of global business for biorefineries at DuPont, Jan Koninckx, , testified that the Renewable Fuel Standard (R-F-S) is working and should not be modified.

DuPont is building the 30-million gallon capacity cellulosic ethanol plant in the central Iowa town of Nevada. The plant converts the stalks and leaves from the corn plant, know as stover, into ethanol. Another such plant is under construction in Emmetsburg. Koninckx told the panel the law encouraged the company to invest in a new technology.

Koninckx says the company has worked in partnership with the U-S-D-A, scientists and local farmers to convert what had been corn harvest waste into fuel.

He and others argue that lowering R-F-S requirements will hurt rural economies and stymie the growth of the new industry. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is a member of the ag committee that heard the testimony. Grassley has also expressed concern that reducing R-F-S mandates will halt the investments in rural Iowa. Many livestock producers support the E-P-A’s proposal, hoping it will help keep feed costs lower by reducing demand for corn.

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