Water Dept Begins Flushing next week

flushing water main

On Monday May 5th  Charles City Water Dept Personnel will begin flushing the City’s water Distribution system. Flushing is done to clean out the city’s water mains by removing lime scale and mineral deposits that may have built up on the interior walls of underground pipes. These deposits may harbor impurities that could cause taste and odor issues. This process is necessary to insure that good water quality is maintained. The process also allows the Water Department the chance to operate every fire hydrant in the system and identify any maintenance requirements on an individual basis. The flushing of hydrants will begin on the north side of the Cedar River on Monday and take approximately 2 weeks to complete. Most residents will not notice any difference in their water,  however a few may experience some cloudiness or discoloration in their water but only for a short time. The Charles City Water Dept thanks all residents for their understanding and cooperation.