Charles City remembers Tornado Devastation of 1968

Tornado 1968

Charles City, IA – May 15 of 1968 proved to be a day that would be long remembered in Charles City as the day of the Big One… an F 5 Tornado to be exact. Every Resident who survived the devastation has memories of that day….some tragic, and some glad to have escaped the devastation.

Tom Shilling was a 10 yr old paper boy at the time and recalls he had the largest paper route in town:

Joyce Cook farmed on the edge of town with her husband and says they were very lucky. There were 462 injuries reported but, as Cook recalls, at least one of those ultimately did not survive:

The official death toll for Charles City was 13.  Warren Knot was working at Salibury Laboratories in the Chemical Dept when the sirens sounded just before 5:00 pm and he shares some of his memories of that day:

KCHA radio remained on air reporting during and in the aftermath of the storm. The Tornado did an estimated $30 million dollars worth of damages in 1968 which would be almost $194 million dollars today.