BOS Workshop Update from 6-23-14

CHARLES CITY, IA – The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with Supv Schwickerath, Chair, Supv Kamm and Supv Kuhn

The was no Public Comment.

Tim Fox, Charles City Area Development Corporation Executive Director, provided information on the state’s Home Base Iowa program.  More information will be available at a meeting on Wednesday.  A proposal for the county to consider funding 0% loans to veterans based on certain criteria was reviewed.  Revisions to the proposal were discussed.

The Board noted the resignation of Marci Hall-Jacobsen, VA Administrator, effective when a new director or administrator is hired.  The VA Commission accepted the resignation on June 16.

The Board noted the Report for Recount of Votes Cast for Office for the Floyd County Democrat Attorney race received by the three member Recount Board.  The Auditor reported that the Recount Board hand counted the ballots on June 18.  Results matched the machine count and Primary Election canvas results.  No re-canvass is required.

The Board noted the receipt of a letter from Fox regarding his conclusion on the July 1, 2011 loan agreement with the SW Bypass TIF District and Mitas Tires North America.  The letter reflects that Mitas has met the requirements of the agreement and he will recommend to the SW Bypass TIF Board that the loan be forgiven.

The Board discussed a letter dated June 13 from Larry Weber, University of Iowa Director, IIHR – Hydroscience & Engineering, requesting permission to install a shallow groundwater well on county property near Colwell between 130th St and 140th St, approximately 600 feet west of Windfall Ave.  The well will support the work the Iowa Flood Center is doing in conjunction with the Upper Cedar Watershed Management Improvement Authority, NIACOG, and NRCS in the Beaver Creek watershed.  This is one of six wells installed in the watershed and the remaining five will be placed on private property.

The Next meeting of the Board will be Tues July 1 at 9:00 am