Free Matinee At Charles Theater

CharlesTheatre Marquee

CHARLES CITY, IA – Running a business in a small town can be fraught with challenges as any business owner knows. Running a Theater is no different except in that you often have little or no control over which “product” you can offer.

Theater manager Jim Marlow says its really just a numbers game to the big movie companies but he doesn’t see it that way. He shares a recent frustration that all started 2 months ago and how he has decided to make the best of it:

Marlow and his wife Connie took over the Theater as a non-profit in 2000 and they are always looking for volunteers. If you’re in interesting volunteering contact Connie Marlow at 228-2149. Marlow says it all about making people happy and continuing to provide a good affordable service to the community.

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