NIACC Offers Flexibility for Adult Students 


MASON CITY, IA – North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) will offer night classes beginning this fall to better accommodate student schedules.

NIACC Admissions Director, Rachel McGuire says that This is especially helpful for adult students, who Unlike traditional college students, must carefully plan their college schedules around their many responsibilities such as Families, jobs, and community obligations

NIACC is offering an Associate of Arts Degree that can be obtained in two years by going two nights per week. Classes will be offered Monday and Thursday nights. Students are welcome to supplement their class schedule with an early morning or an online class to make it fit their schedule.

The new NIACC @ Night program will offer two general education classes every eight weeks. One will meet on Monday and the other on Thursday. The format of these courses is called a Hybrid course. What that means is you will be meeting face-to-face with an instructor every week but your work and assignments are done outside of class. So you are cutting your “seat time” in half by enrolling in a hybrid course.

Admission requirements, tuition and fees, academic standards, transfer policy and procedures, grading policies and instructional standards are the same as students enrolled during the day. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

To learn more or to enroll call the NIACC Admissions Office at 641-422-4245 or 1-888- GO NIACC, extension 4245.