Stakeholder Advisors To Review Water Quality Standards


Des Moines, IA – Water quality stakeholder technical advisors will meet August 20 in Des Moines to help Iowa DNR prioritize issues and set water quality goals for Iowa’s streams and rivers.

Every three years, Iowans have the opportunity to provide input to the Iowa DNR to help set goals and participate in ensuring water quality standards are current. The DNR began this process Feb. 17 by meeting with DNR staff and the 2011 technical team. The process continues with the stakeholder meeting Aug. 20 from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in the fourth floor conference rooms at the Wallace Building, 502 E. Ninth St. Des Moines.

This meeting will include a discussion of current and new water quality standards and issues the DNR and stakeholders know about and the feasibility and concerns associated with these.

Following this meeting, the “triennial review” process will seek input during six public meetings to be held around the state in early September. Written comments are also encouraged.

The completed product of this process will include a Triennial Review Work Plan summarizing the state’s water quality standards goals for the next three years.

The three-year review is mandated in the federal Clean Water Act, and Iowa’s clean water program is covered under Chapter 61 of the Iowa Administrative Code. Questions about the review process should be directed to Rochelle Weiss, DNR water quality standards coordinator, 515-281-4736, or

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