Co BOS to hold Township Trustee Informational Meeting 

As the Floyd Co Supervisors continue to review their insurance plans and options there are a number of variables the need to be discussed.

Lisa Anderson, PIPAC representative, and Mark Melrose, Melrose Insurance representative, presented a Wellmark health insurance report for the quarter ending June 30, 2014.  Anderson will check on renewal options with plans for employee, employee plus one, employee plus family for medical and a four tier option for prescriptions.  Should the Board decide to get quotes from other brokers/providers, Anderson can get census and data for bidding.

Townships have specific issues that don’t generally apply to the urban areas of the county and one of those issues involves the specifics of liability when cattle escape from fenced areas that are not being properly maintained. Jim Cambiana is a Trustee for Pleasant Grove Township and says while most property owners do a good job of maintaining their fences, there are a few who don’t seem to care, and he attended the workshop meeting to express his concerns:

It was noted that are a couple a few property owners around the county that do not seem concerned about damage to their fences or the damage caused by their livestock and something does need to be done.  The Supervisors informed Cambiana that there are processes in place that give the trustees the authority to address the problems but Mark Kuhn says that the part of their frustration may be due to  just not knowing exactly how to go about it:

The Supervisors are planning a meeting for all township trustees and hope to have the county attorney and County insurance company representative Mark Melrose in attendance to thoroughly discuss and answer questions on how to deal with the various issues that arise and exactly what loses would or would not be covered by the County insurance plan. The meeting is tentatively  scheduled for Mon evening Aug 25th.