Floyd County Board of Supervisors Workshop Update

Floyd County Courthouse


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Supv Schwickerath, Chair, (via telephone), Supv Kamm,Vice Chair, and Supv Kuhn.

Lisa Anderson, PIPAC representative, and Mark Melrose, Melrose Insurance representative, presented a Wellmark health insurance report for the quarter ending June 30, 2014.  Anderson will check on renewal options with plans for employee, employee plus one, employee plus family for medical and a four tier option for prescriptions.  Should the Board decide to get quotes from other brokers/providers, Anderson can get census and data for bidding.

Melrose, the Board and Jim Gambaiani, Pleasant Grove Township Trustee, discussed insuring townships on the county’s general liability insurance policy.  In 2008 when the county switched from a Cornhuskers policy with townships listed as Named Insured to an EMC policy, EMC recommended townships be listed as Additional Insured.  Due to townships not being able to timely levy to pay for insurance the county requested they be able to continue coverage through FY09.  At that time Melrose notified townships that they need to seek coverage through their own policy.  Named insured allows the townships to use the county’s limits for coverage whether or not a township claim is county related versus additional insured where limits would only be extended if a township claim was county related.  Due to oversight, named insured did not get switched to additional insured after FY09 so they are still listed as named insured on the county’s liability and linebacker policies.  Since 2009 EMC has changed its position and will now extend named insured or additional insured liability coverage for cemeteries at no cost to the county, will pick up linebacker coverage for the trustees at no cost and if the county chooses, township owned property could be added to the county policy at additional costs.   EMC recommends covering the townships as additional insured under the general liability policy. If a township is named insured they could file a large bodily injury claim on the county policy, even if it had nothing to do with county business.  If it were a large enough claim, they could theoretically max out the county’s coverage in a given policy period.  Melrose offered to send a letter to townships to explain the gap in coverage if the county lists them as additional insured.  Since today’s meeting is a workshop, no decision was made on how to insure the townships.  Melrose will check with EMC on how a township claim would be covered since they were supposed to be switched to additional insured in 2009.

Gambaiani informed the Board of a concern about a property owner’s cows who get out often.  Some time ago the township trustees resolved a fence dispute issue with the property owner.  Although there has been no complaint of a fence maintenance issue filed at this time, Gambaiani knows cows have gotten out again and believes the fence is in disrepair in the same area as where it was fixed the last time.  A few weeks ago, the Auditor and Gambaiani visited with Norm Klemesrud, county attorney, who suggested the township provide him with documentation related to the current issue; nothing has been provided to the county attorney at this time.  Gambaiani reported that the same property owner has fence maintenance issues and cows getting out in Union Township and those trustees are in the process of a fence dispute.  The Board discussed a Conservation property area where there is a fencing issue as well.  The Board would like to hold a workshop meeting, invite all trustees, and have the county attorney to explain the fence maintenance/dispute processes.  The Auditor will check with the county attorney to see if he is available on August 25 at 7 p.m.  Supv Kamm will contact the Roseville Church to see if the meeting could be held there.  The Auditor will also check with Melrose to see if he could attend and be prepare to address insurance coverage at the same meeting.

Laurie Simpson, Safety Coordinator, provided the Board with a training matrix listing all training provided and frequency of scheduled training for each county department.  The Board will review the list individually and advise if they think any trainings should be changed from “not applicable” or “elective” to “mandatory”.  Simpson will meet with the Board at least annually to review the matrix and inform them of any employee(s) who have not completed mandatory training.

The Board reviewed the Home Base Iowa Business criteria and suggested the county would employ four veterans by December 31, 2018.  Supv Kuhn reported that so far only six business have committed to the Iowa Home Base Iowa Business program; at least ten would be required to be a Home Base Iowa Community.