Charles City Council approves building of 8 new homes

Charles City Hall

CHARLES CITY, IA – At the Monday night City Council Meeting the Council approved an agreement with Allied Land Development to build 4 new single family homes and two twin homes extending the Meadow Lane Subdivision area to the north. Two residents expressed concerns and offered comments on the future development of the area in regards to water runoff issues that they believe have caused some wet basement problems for current residents in the area. Vicki Krumwiede says she has had water problems, whenever rained over the past 5 yrs she has owned the property. She was quick to say  that when she contacted Allied they have come out to her place to deal with the water problems on numerous occasions and she has no complaint with the company, but she is concerned that future property owners may have similar water problems if something is not done differently. Dennis White also voiced similar concerns  and challenged the Council and Allied to look into the latest building options for preventing water or dangerous gases from getting into future construction. Representatives from Allied expressed surprise at hearing that there were concerns. They said that everything they built was up to code, and they had dealt with the very few complaints they had received including homes that were no longer under warranty, as was the case with Krumweide.

The urban renewal project was established in 2003 and so far 62 new homes have been built since that time. The 8 new homes approved last night are expected to be completed by Dec 2017.