Forces and Fire plans first fundraising event

First Responders

FLOYD, IA – Some local firefighters have come together to form a non profit called Forces and Fire, and their mission is to honor local heroes, near and far. Andrew Jansson of the Floyd Fire Dept is one of the organizers and tells how the idea for “Forces and Fire” came about:

Plans are already underway for 2 different events, involving 2 fire fighters from NY, and a Military Veteran from Georgia:

As with any organization, it takes volunteers and money to make the vision a reality. Janssen says they have a good core group of hard working volunteers, but they need to raise money to be able to carry out what the group envisions:

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the Forces and Fire Fundraiser on Sun Aug 17th at the Floyd Senior Center. For more information contact the Floyd Co Fire Dept or call Andrew Janssen at 330-8631 for details.