A Long time teacher shares his view on the CC Middle School

CC Middle school

CHARLES CITY, IA – While Charles City residents are struggling with ongoing decisions about what direction the school should take regarding education and the very buildings where it is presented, one long time educator says it is not as simple as some would like to believe. 25 yr teaching veteran Erik Hoefer has spent his entire career at Charles City and he has seen a lot of changes over the years, and he explains that things are just not how they used to be:

Hoefer came here straight out of college and immediately fell in love with Charles City and has remained steadfast in that love, as well as in his passion for teaching:

Hoefer says though the current middle school building may not be suitable as a school anymore he envisons it having any number of other uses and shares how he would love to see it utilized:

Though he hopes to see a continued upswing in enrollment, Hoefer believes that families with young kids looking to relocate, will be watching closely to see if Charles City is keeping up with current trends in education, including modern facilities and technology. Whatever happens, Erik Hoefer plans to continue to follow his passion of teaching in Charles City.