Big Lottery Winner in Osage

Duane Hanson LOTTERY

OSAGE, IA – Duane Hanson bought a lottery ticket last night (Wed) at the Casey’s Story in Osage . When he checked his numbers this (Thurs) morning he found that he had won, and won big. He wasted no time and picked up his daughter and headed straight to the Lottery office in Mason City. They confirmed that he had indeed won $2 million dollars and would have to go to the Des Moines Office to collect. By 1:00 p.m. this (Thurs) afternoon he was holding a press conference and a check for $2 million dollars. Hanson says he has been playing the same numbers for years and just always felt he would win one day. When asked if he had any big ticket items in mind, he said, maybe an acreage. Hanson is 58 and said he was planning on retiring next fall when he turns 60 and had been a little worried about his 401K…but he is not worried now.