Charles City stop light frames going from yellow to black

Adam Moeller of Moeller Painting sanding the stop lights at the corner of Main Street and Gilbert Street

Charles City, Iowa – A few traffic lights in Charles City are getting a make-over.

According to Adam Moeller of Moeller Painting, the stop light frames at the intersections of Main St. / Gilbert St., Hwy 18 / North Grand, Hwy 18 / Clark St. and North Grand / Hwy 18 will be going from yellow to black.

Please be mindful of workers at those intersections and be prepared to stop and change lanes at times.

Painting of the stop lights should be completed by the 4th of July.

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  • Cassandra Witt Houck

    wts chris shouldn’t we have stop lights ????we don’t need your back story to have street lights……..

    • KCHAnews

      Cassandra, this story is letting people know that the stop light arms and frames are being painted black from the current faded yellow they are now. Also points to be on the lookout for workers at those intersections.