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Warning Steep Road Sign Slope And Truck On Hill

Chickasaw Co Resident Offers Solution to his own Road Issue

Chickasaw Co Resident Offers Solution to his own Road Issue

Lawler, Iowa – The Chickasaw County Supervisors are accustomed to hearing from County residents bringing various issues to them but on Monday they heard from someone with a different story. Bob Boeding from Lawler approached the Board with not only a problem, but a solution as well. He has concerns about limited visibility in front

CC Preschool

Preschool now free for all 4 yr olds

CHARLES CITY, IOWA – Twenty percent of kindergarteners don’t receive preschool education and the Charles City Community School District is aiming to change that by offering tuition-free preschool for four-year-olds beginning this fall. The District will offer statewide voluntary preschool program for all 4-year-olds beginning this fall and families are already eager to participate. The district

Silos and Smokestacks sign

VOTE for Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area Best Site

Northeast Iowa – Each year, Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area (SSNHA) celebrates the best in heritage development by presenting Golden Silo Awards to individuals and organizations whose contributions demonstrate outstanding excellence in preserving and sharing America’s agricultural story. The People’s Choice “Site of the Year” is a special award presented to one deserving SSNHA

Helping hands care

Exchange Club lends a Helping Hand

Charles City, Iowa- The Exchange Club is always busy working to improve things around Charles City and their membership drive will soon be coming to an end. One of the members is  Ryan Venz has been with Exchange since 2013. Venz shares why he felt it was a good fit for him: Venz pointed out

Home Furnace Burner Blower Ignited

CC Taking Furnace Replacement Applications

Floyd Co, Iowa – The Floyd County Housing Trust Fund is now it’s taking additional applications for its 2015 Furnace Replacement Program. It’s seeking to qualify five eligible applicants. This will bring the total number of 2015 replacements throughout Floyd County to 29. All homeowners within Floyd County meeting income and other stipulations are eligible

Maria Deike VA

Taking Ernie Home Campaign Continues

Charles City, Iowa – Floyd County Veteran Affairs Director Maria Dieke works to make a difference in the lives of veterans…and maybe sometimes that can mean honoring a veteran in death. Ernie Climer was a Floyd County veteran originally from California, who passed away in January. Ernie’s brother Cecil who is a fellow veteran, really


Iowawatch discusses Graffiti…is it Art or Vandalism 

Iowa City, Iowa – When many of us walk by a building and see graffiti spray-painted there, we presume it’s an act of vandalism. But others see works of art. Iowa State sociology professor Betty Dobratz says that simply looking at this as a criminal act means we’re missing something. There’s a growing trend in