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NH Carnegie Cultural Center offering New Classes and Exhibits

NH Carnegie Cultural Center offering New Classes and Exhibits

New Hampton, Iowa – You may not know it but New Hampton is home to a wonderful historical resource known as the Carnegie Cultural Center. They have events and exhibits and Juanita Anderson is a volunteer administrator who shares how the center got its start: Anderson says the mission of the Center is to establish

Lightning Strikes

Severe Weather Awareness Week Begins In Iowa

Charles City, Iowa – We’re likely done with blizzards for a while, but now it’s time for Iowans to focus on being prepared for the challenges of the warm weather months ahead. This is the start of Severe Weather Awareness Week. Meteorologist Kenny Podrazik, at the National Weather Service, says today’s (Monday) focus is on

Maria Deike VA

Taking Ernie Home Campaign Continues

Charles City, Iowa – Floyd County Veteran Affairs Director Maria Dieke works to make a difference in the lives of veterans…and maybe sometimes that can mean honoring a veteran in death. Ernie Climer was a Floyd County veteran originally from California, who passed away in January. Ernie’s brother Cecil who is a fellow veteran, really

Cell Phone emergency alerts

Tips for Staying Aware of Severe Weather 

New Hampton, Iowa –  Severe weather awareness is coming up next week, March 23 through March 27. According to an online survey last year, 92 percent of smartphone owners used their device to check the current weather or forecast once a month or more. Being aware when severe weather approaches can be a matter of life

FD Vehicle

Sheriff’s Dept releases preliminary statement on Collision 

  Charles City, Iowa – An accident involving a pedestrian crossing a downtown intersection in Charles City and the local fire chief remains under investigation. According to Floyd County Sheriff Investigator Pat Shirley the incident happened at the intersection of Main Street and Clark St Tues afternoon shortly after 1:00: Shirley said they took statements from

Mercy New Hampton

New CEO coming to Mercy New Hampton

New Hampton, Iowa – Mercy Medical Center of New Hampton will soon be welcoming a new CEO. Jenny Monteith announced that the new CEO has a great back ground as well as local connections: Aaron Flugum started out in New Hampton and is happy to be returning. He has worked in renal dialysis for the