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Charles City Sign

Charles City had a busy Council Meeting Monday Night

Charles City had a busy Council Meeting Monday Night

Charles City, Iowa – Wendy Johnson had approached the Charles City Council at a workshop meeting several weeks ago about developing a community garden in the 1300 block of Clark Street and the city is now closer to making that a reality, though there are still a few issues to be worked out. One question

4 Way

Chickasaw Co Engineer discusses Road Issues

New Hampton, Iowa – Dusty Rolando was recently contacted by Iowa Representative Todd Prichard about a local dust issue in Chickasaw County. Apparently a landowner on 190th street is very unhappy about the increased dust problems and blames the local ethanol plant. Rolando is the engineer for Chickasaw Co and says the county is really


Big Dance Winner is Announced  

New Hampton, Iowa – The $1000 Big Dance Giveaway wrapped up last night after Duke defeated Wisconsin 68-63 and Kendra Leibold of New Hampton walks away with $1000 Grand Prize. Kendra was so excited and happy that she was rooting for Duke: Leibold said that her son has always been a fan of Duke and


Iowawatch –Mixed Reaction

Des Moines, Iowa – The increased use of traffic cameras has led to mixed reaction among members of the public, according to Iowa watch reporter Kelsey Block. Cities that use the devices claim they lead to greater roadway safety, and also raise revenue for cash-strapped city budgets. The advances in technology have seemingly led to


Panther Prowl coming to St Joe’s 

New Hampton, Iowa – St Joseph Community School is taking advantage of the fact that Spring is in the air.  Principal Christina Carlton says they are very excited about the Panther Prowl that is coming up in just a couple of weeks: If have any questions, stop by or call the St Joseph Community school