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Candidate for US Senate Visits Charles City

Candidate for US Senate Visits Charles City

Charles City, IA -Des Moines native, and US Senatorial hopeful Mark Jacobs made a stop in Charles City on Friday, visiting the Mitas Tires Plant and also the KCHA studios. Jacobs, who described himself as a businessman, is a retired CEO of Reliant Energy and thinks the government needs a business approach, putting jobs first.

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Q & A on National Guard with Sen. Grassley

Q: What are your thoughts on the President’s military budget proposal? A: First, getting this administration to propose less federal spending in any area ought to be music to the ears of the taxpaying public. It’s long overdue for Washington to exercise across-the-board fiscal discipline and dial back Uncle Sam’s spending spree that puts taxpayers

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Gas Station Updates Help Iowans Maintain Independence

The following is by Sen. Mary Jo Wilhelm: As a state, we want all Iowans on the move. We all need to get to work, pick up groceries, drive our kids to school and more. This includes those living with disabilities, who want to live independently and with dignity. That is the basis for strengthening

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Capitol Comments by Rep. Todd Prchard (2-28-14)

This has been a busy week in the legislature.  I am happy to report that the House passed an important bill dealing with Human Trafficking.  We passed a bill with an amendment I sponsored that allows victims of human trafficking to clear their criminal record.  The bill itself also allows prosecuting attorneys to treat victims

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Sen. Grassley Q&A – Keystone XL Pipeline

Q&A: Keystone XL Pipeline with U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley Q: What is the status for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline project? A: After nearly six years of rigorous regulatory review, approval for the more than 1,700-mile Keystone XL oil pipeline remains in limbo. The TransCanada Corporation awaits a U.S. Presidential Permit to begin construction

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Capitol Comments By Rep. Todd Prichard

Capitol Comments By Representative Todd Prichard (February 14th 2014) Another busy weekend in the legislature is at a close.  This was the first week of floor debate and votes on bills by the full House.  This week the House took up a series of controversial bills that came down to party line votes.  The first


Sen. Mary Jo Wilhelm: Stopping Bullying In Iowa Schools

By Sen. Mary Jo Wilhelm (February Update) Bullying can devastate children, families and communities, with effects on kids sometimes lasting into adulthood. It’s a serious problem that warrants a thoughtful, informed, appropriate response from policymakers and other adults. In 2007, the Legislature voted to require all school districts to have anti-harassment/anti-bullying policies, to make complaint

Rolando: Gas Tax Would Help County

CHARLES CITY- Floyd and Chickasaw County Engineer Dusty Rolando says it is “Time for a Dime.”  Rolando spoke to Floyd County Supervisors Tuesday about the “Time for a Dime” campaign to raise the gas tax.  Rolando says an increase in the gas tax will bring in a substantial amount of money for both Floyd and

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Capitol Comments from Rep. Todd Prichard – February 2014

By Representative Todd Prichard It was a busy week in the legislature.  Committee work is well underway as we try to evaluate and decide what bills will go to the floor for debate and approval.  The House Veterans Affairs Committee has approved a bill to give veterans preference in hiring and promotions by small businesses.


U.S. Senate Candidates Talk Issues

CHARLES CITY- All six Republican U.S. Senate Candidates were in Charles City Monday as part of a forum hosted by the Republican Party. Candidate Matt Whitaker, a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern portion of Iowa, says throughout his campaign he has heard from many Iowans about the Affordable Care Act. State Senator Joni Ernst