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Special prosecutor says the three officers "lied" to prevent investigators "from learning the truth" about the 2014 shooting
Mitch McConnell informed GOP senators of the delay, as the GOP seemingly lacks sufficient support to pass the bill
Former intelligence analyst Brett Velicovich shares his experiences as one of an elite handful in the military at the center of America's covert drone war
A Spanish judge ordered the artist's remains to be dug up for a paternity test amid claims from a woman that he is her father
U.S. intelligence has detected an increased level of activity at the Shayrat aircraft shelter over the last couple of days, the Pentagon says
The tennis legend defended his comments that Williams would "be like 700 in the world" if she were to play on the men's circuit
Christopher Wray, if confirmed, will take the vacant spot left by fired FBI Director James Comey
Besides health care vote, the Senate holds hearing on Russian meddling in European elections and House takes up immigration bills
They're on the upswing thanks to the GOP proposals, but Washington can just as easily make things worse for them
LGBTQ activists and advocates in countries across the globe joined to celebrate diversity and free expression as part of Pride Week
The Cyclone roller coaster first debuted in New York's famed Coney Island on June 26, 1927-- 90 years ago. "CBS This Morning" cartoonist Liza Donnelly recently visited Coney Island to sketch some scenes of the iconic American park.
The tennis star whose temper tantrums on the court were as virtuosic as his athleticism talks about taking it to the line, always
See some of the best coasters, slides and rides across the U.S.
It's time for music festivals and outdoor performances - check out the scene at venues across the country over the last few weeks
Storm-chasing weather scientists get up close and personal with twisters