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The pop legend said during the march that she had thought “an awful lot about blowing up the White House”
Trump aide doubles down on attacks on the media over reporting about the inauguration crowd size, claiming there were two kinds of "facts"
A panel of experts on "Face the Nation" talk about whether the new administration address the protest movement across the country
“People didn’t care” about the tax return issue, Kellyanne Conway said Sunday, in response to 214,000-strong petition calling for their release
Enormous system that spawned apparent tornadoes still threatening areas extending into Carolinas, north Florida
The president-elect's executive order on Obamacare Friday is "a great big step toward" full replacement of the law, Kellyanne Conway said
New president takes to Twitter to question the Women's March against him, then later posts that he recognizes their right to protest
After a campaign like no other, the nation’s 45th chief executive begins his presidency
In America's capital and in cities across the globe, millions take to the streets in solidarity against the new Trump administration
Donald Trump cancelled a new discount on federal mortgage insurance that's popular with first-time and working-class homebuyers
CBS News contributing cartoonist Liza Donnelly depicts images from President Donald Trump's historic day
The highlights from the inauguration of Donald Trump on Jan. 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
As supporters celebrate the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Democrats, civil rights groups, celebrities, and more are taking to the streets in nationwide protest
From the official Trump inauguration balls to the unofficial celebrations, the guest lists were y-uuuuuge.
In 1985, a baby-faced Donald Trump made his debut on the national stage in an interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes