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We take a look at the unusual architecture delights of Kazakhstan's capital city, Astana.
Historic cinemas and old school drive-ins are captured by Boston-born photographer Stefanie Klavens, who has been documenting these architectural gems across America since the late 1990s.
More tigers are kept as pets in the U.S. than roam free in the wild, campaigners say, as they call for tough new laws to ban the practice on International Tiger Day.
Matthew Flores actually likes reading junk mail -- not that the 12-year-old Utah boy has to anymore.
Pakistani police have killed the leader of an al Qaeda-linked militant group that has repeatedly carried out deadly attacks on the country's Shiite Muslim minority in recent years, authorities said Wednesday.
On the 58th day of his son's capital murder trial, Robert Holmes took the witness stand on Tuesday and repeatedly tried to make eye contact with the mentally ill young man he still calls "Jimmy."
Kipenzi, a baby giraffe that captivated an Internet audience with its live birth at the Dallas Zoo a few months ago, has died.
The recent revelations regarding a video showing a Planned Parenthood staff discussion of the alleged sale of tissue from aborted fetuses should be deemed abhorrent by anyone with a conscience.
I don't read polls for a living, and certainly don't want to compete with those who do. But I was intrigued by a new CNN poll that found a majority of Americans in favor of Congress rejecting the recently negotiated nuclear deal with Iran.
Credit is due Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia for having the vision to plop down a major commercial airport on a small piece of New York real estate back in 1937. Back then, many considered the project to build LaGuardia a boondoggle, and its construction and expansion of runways with landfill material perhaps inevitably led to the not-so-affectionate name of "LaGarbage" being given to New York's first commercial airport.
The Food and Drug Administration has issued a ban on some cilantro imported from Mexico after an investigation to determine the cause of hundreds of reported intestinal illnesses in the United States dating back to 2012.
Convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole and will be released from an American jail on Nov. 21, his lawyer announced Tuesday.
Orangutan kisses a pregnant woman's belly. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports viewers are going ape.
Man appears to lift car with bare hands. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the bicyclist-turned-Incredible Hulk.
The race to the GOP presidential nomination is heating up. The first debate will only take the top 10 candidates. Who will make it? CNN's Tom Foreman reports.
A police detective in Massachusetts is on leave after he was recorded threatening a driver. Read more from CNN affiliate WBZ.
In a candid interview with Don Lemon, Donald Trump responds to his employee Michael Cohen's words following a recent 'The Daily Beast' article
Joyce Mitchell plead guilty to having prior knowledge of inmates Richard Matt and Todd Sweat's escape plans, as well as aiding them in their escape. CNN's Alexandra Field reports.
Scientists hope the discovery will help show how snakes made the transition from lizards to serpents.
New surveillance video shows workers knew about faulty escalator before mother got on. CNN's Will Ripley reports
Authorities in Waller County, Texas, released hours of jail video on Tuesday that show Sandra Bland before her death in an effort to knock down the idea that Bland was dead before she was brought to jail.
The anti-abortion group targeting Planned Parenthood released another video Tuesday, this one featuring an interview with a woman who says she worked in a clinic procuring tissue from aborted fetuses.
A top adviser to Donald Trump is under fire after comments he made in an explosive interview while defending the Republican presidential candidate from a decades-old rape accusation.
A top adviser to Donald Trump is under fire after comments he made in an explosive interview while defending the Republican presidential candidate from a decades-old rape accusation.
Two Oklahoma boys are in the hospital recuperating from burns after their mother said their day care took them to a splash park and let them play with no sunscreen. As of Tuesday, the day care was permanently closed, and the state health department was investigating the facility.
During a House Foreign Affairs hearing on the Iran nuclear deal, Secretary of State John Kerry had a war of words with Rep. Perry (R-PA).
If Donald Trump takes the White House, Sarah Palin might have an invitation to join his team.
Another barrier has been broken in the NFL -- and for women in sports.
We know that your heart will go on and on. At least until this weekend.
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is set to make its debut, and one of the nation's top Marines says if recent tests are any indication, things won't go well for the "bad guys."
Convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole and will be released from an American jail on Nov. 21, his lawyer announced Tuesday.
Take a look at 37 amazing sports photos from July 21 through July 27.
Regardless of the recent deal over Iran's nuclear program, officials in Tehran are still taking sharp jabs at the United States.
A family found gold artifacts off the Florida coast that were worth more than $1 million.
A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the suspected death of an 8-year-old girl after a body was found in a dumpster in the coastal California city of Santa Cruz, police said.
Rob Rowen was a regular at a Starbucks in Tampa, Florida, but now he'll have to get his favorite coffee somewhere else. CNN affiliate Bay News 9 explains why.
Actor Tom Cruise takes on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" host in a memorable way.
Ann Rule, the author of such true-crime books as "The Stranger Beside Me" and "Every Breath You Take," has died. She was 83.
Shoppers at an urban market are stunned by a seemingly endless juicer. Watch the "The Carbonaro Effect" Wednesdays 10/9c on truTV.
While the skyline of London surges upward on a tide of new and startling towers, its eternal rival in Paris has taken the opposite approach.
CNN's Tony Maddox talks about the award he and others received from the U.S. State Department for their fight against slavery.
Jada Pinkett Smith reveals just how vicious trafficking operations are in the United States, with undercover footage and insights from Brock Nicholson, DHS.
In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records named the plastic bag the "most ubiquitous consumer item" in the world, with trillions made every year.
A bumpy landing was caught on camera as a KLM flight touched down in Amsterdam.
The Ford Motor Co. began with Henry Ford, an engineer, tinkering in his garage. It soon became the world's leading producer of automobiles. See photos from the company's early days.
A quick Internet search of the Similan Islands in Thailand will yield a beach lover's paradise -- azure blue waters, lush greenery and pink speckled coral reefs.