Powerball Jackpot Hits Record Level For Saturday

Powerball Tickets

Des Moines, Iowa – Lottery fever is hitting a lot more people in Iowa and nationwide after the $524 million dollar jackpot in the Powerball drawing went unclaimed Wednesday night. Iowa Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer.

Neubauer says the next jackpot will surpass the Powerball record jackpot of 590-point-five million dollars won by a Florida woman on May 18, 2013. The initial estimates put Saturday’s jackpot at $675 million dollars but that was changed again Thursday morning to 700 million dollars.

The tops the largest lottery jackpot in North America, which was a 656 million dollar Mega Millions prize won on March 30, 2012. It was split by three tickets in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland. Iowa Lottery players bought more than four million in Powerball tickets for Wednesday’s drawing, including more than two-point-seven million dollars in tickets on Wednesday alone. The Powerball tickets were selling at a rate of more than 68-hundred dollars each minute in Iowa during the busiest stretch from five to six p-m.

The excitement of the big jackpot has added another set of ticket buyers to the regular mix.

There are 292 million different combinations of numbers you can select when you buy a ticket. Neubauer says more people buying tickets could mean more of the combinations are chosen and there could be a winner. But, that is not a certainty.

The numbers drawn Wednesday’s drawing were: 2-11-47-62-63 and the Powerball was 17. While the jackpot went unclaimed, Iowa Lottery players won nearly 74-thousand lower tier prizes.

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