Fredericksburg Woman Pleads Guilty To Five Counts Forgery

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Waverly, Iowa – A defendant in Bremer County will take a deal rather than face trial on 30 counts of forgery and theft.

Mindy Jo Riley of Fredericksburg, entered guilty pleas last week on five counts of forgery, which is a felony. She will be sentenced June 20th.

Riley was originally charged with eight counts of first-degree theft, seven counts of second-degree theft and 15 counts of forgery.

Riley has been accused of writing check on an account at Farm Credit Services and signing the account owner’s name, John Eimers. A majority of the money went into the bank account of Riley’s husband, Landon Riley of New Hampton, according to court documents. The value of the checks ranged from $3,800 to over $24,000.

In total, Mindy Jo Riley allegedly stole about $134,500 through the scheme. However, a civil case in Bremer County shows the case got more complicated.

According to a lawsuit filed by John Eimers in September of 2014, Mindy Jo Riley told Eimers that she was pursuing a claim for an injury caused by a slip and fall. She said she had secured an attorney and she expected substantial compensation, but that the Riley family was strained by medical and financial problems. Riley asked Eimers for a loan and promised to repay the money from her anticipated settlement, according to Eimers lawsuit. Eimers gave Riley more than $150,000.

Also according to the lawsuit, Landon and Mindy Jo Riley bought a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on contract for about $8,500 and had made arrangements to have the monthly payments withdrawn from Eimer’s bank account. That same year, Mindy Jo Riley also got Eimer’s credit card information and the couple used Eimer’s code for his fuel account, buying gas and diesel for their own vehicles.

Mindy Jo Riley’s criminal history includes dozens of arrests in at least six counties and multiple convictions, according to public records.

New Hampton Judge Richard Stochl sentenced Landon Riley last week to two five-year terms in prison to run concurrently. Landon Riley pleaded guilty to two counts of willful injury causing bodily injury for holding a gun to his wife Mindy Jo Riley’s head and endangering a Chickasaw County deputy.

Mindy Jo Riley will be sentenced on June 20th with a recommendation of a sentence up to 10 years in prison.

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