Social Security Card Replacements Now Available Online

Social security
A closeup of US Social Security cards

Des Moines, Iowa – RadioIowa – You can now replace a lost or stolen Social Security card online, through a program being rolled out in Iowa and a half-dozen other states. B-J Jarrett, a spokesman for the administration, says if you can’t find your card and need it to show a prospective employer or the bank, there’s a page for that.

The online service is not available to people who need to make a correction to a card, change a name or apply for a child’s card. Once the account is set up, Jarrett says there are all sorts of tools available to help plan for retirement, including seeing your personalized earnings statement.

While Social Security benefits are a big plus, Jarrett says they’re only one piece of the retirement pie. On average, Social Security will replace about 40-percent of your annual pre-retirement earnings.

According to the latest projection, the trust fund that enables Social Security to exist is only solvent for another 19 years.

More than 600-thousand Iowans are now collecting Social Security benefits, either as retirees, survivors or for having a disability. Of that 600-thousand, about 430-thousand are retired.

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