Jury Finds Lindaman Guilty On Tuesday, Sentencing Set For June 7th

Doug Lindaman Guilty
Deputy Brian Tiedemann, left, takes defendant Doug Lindaman into custody following a guilty verdict Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in Floyd County District Court.

*Picture above courtesy of Dennis Magee, Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier*

That was Judge Gregg Rosenbladt as he read the guilty verdict of Douglas Lindaman at approximately 10:50 a.m. on Tuesday.

After the verdict was read, Lindaman requested that the 12-member jury be polled on any outside media coverage they may have had.

Rosenbladt denied Lindaman’s request to poll the jury on any outside media coverage they may have had.

Lindaman was advised of his post-trial rights and then was led away to be placed in custody, with no bail. His sentencing will be held on Tuesday, June 7th at 1:15 in the Floyd County district courtroom.

Floyd County Attorney Rachel Ginby talked about how and why she decided to take on this case.

Ginby said this was a “once of a lifetime” case and that she had complete confidence in the case.

Ginby said she hopes this case brought a more broad awareness of sexual assault.

Ginby said the victim and his family are happy with the outcome but are very emotional about what they have been through.

Ginby talked about the sentencing Lindaman faces.

Ginby said Lindaman has always had explanations for his behavior.

Ginby also said she knows of many other families with sons who have been affected by Lindaman, but were unwilling to come forward.

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