Aerial Inspections Of High-Voltage Lines Begins This Week

Workers cimbing from helicopter to high voltage tower.

ITC Midwest LLC will be conducting its semi-annual aerial patrols of high-voltage transmission towers and lines beginning this week, weather permitting.

The helicopter patrols are conducted to provide an overall status of the overhead transmission system that is owned and operated by ITC’s Iowa-based operating entity, ITC Midwest LLC, based out of Cedar Rapids.

The aerial inspections will cover an area ranging from Dubuque through north central Iowa to the southern tier of counties in Minnesota.

The patrols include inspections of steel towers, wood poles, conductors (wires), insulators and other equipment. Crews check for damaged or worn equipment and vegetation hazards.

The inspection flights are often conducted at low altitudes to allow accurate visual inspection of equipment for lightning damage, wear or other potential problems. This is normal procedure, so there is no cause for alarm if a low-flying helicopter is sighted near transmission lines.

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