EPA proposes limit on farm pesticide, upsetting corn farmers

Tractor Spray Fertilize  With Insecticide Herbicide Chemicals In
Tractor spray fertilize with insecticide herbicide chemicals in agriculture field and evening sunlight

Des Moines, Iowa – Iowa corn growers could face higher input costs if a federal agency moves forward with efforts to strictly limit the use of a popular pesticide. An E-P-A report on atrazine shows the agency has concerns with the chemical’s impact on birds, mammals and fish. Scott Merritt, a spokesman for the agriculture industry’s Triazine Network, says growers know to follow the guidelines on atrazine carefully.

The E-P-A suggests farmers should only be allowed to use eight ounces of the chemical per acre, when they typically will use two pounds for that much ground. Merritt says the proposed change could be a financial detriment to Iowa growers.

Environmental groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, have spent years urging the EPA to ban the use of Atrazine. The public comment period is open until August 5th.

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