Bug repellent is an important part of summer activities

Des Moines, Iowa – The time most Iowans are spending outside has increased dramatically as we moved into summer. Iowa Department of Public Health Medical Director Patricia Quinlisk says with so many activities going on, it can be easy to remember to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Doctor Quinlisk says make it easy to remember the bug spray by keeping it along with the other items you take outside. It’s something she does for one of her favorite back yard activities.

West Nile is spread by mosquito bites and in the most serious cases can lead to death.

Quinlisk says you may not have been bothered by mosquitoes yet while out in the yard, but she says it just takes a little bit of water to get them to become active and seeking out someone to bite.

Doctor Quinlisk says you can make sure mosquitoes are not breeding in the bird bath by periodically changing the water. You can find a lot of different products with insect repellents in them on the store shelf. Quinlisk has this advice to make a good choice.

DEET can also be used on infants starting at three months of age. You should carefully read the label and any restrictions.

She suggests you check with your doctor if you have questions about the best products for children.

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