DOT updates rules for logo signs along highways

Ames, Iowa – There are some new rules for those signs you see along state highways highlighting places to eat or get gas. Brooks Glasnapp manages the advertising program for the Department of Transportation and says they’ve made some adjustments as part of a five-year review. Businesses can put their logo on a larger sign that’s positioned near the exits on highways.

Glasnapp says they’ve established some minimum requirements for the businesses to be featured on the signs.

He says they want to give drivers some assurance that the businesses will be operating if they take the time to stop.

The businesses pay to have their services highlighted on the signs.

He says they have some 12-hundred customers who buy logos, with each one averaging around three logos purchased. One other new rule requires the logos to be made of a highly reflective material to make them easier to see.

To learn more about the sign program, click here.

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