Be Sure To Think Of Your Pets In This Extreme Heat

Dangers of leaving a dog in parked cars A white road sign with the message of the danger isolated over white

Des Moines, Iowa – During this extreme heat wave, Iowans are being reminded to take particular care of their pets, especially those that are considered “outdoor” animals. Josh Colvin, spokesman for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, says if your dog is in a fenced area or chained up in the back yard, there are a few requirements when the temperatures get this hot.

Some Iowans like to take their pets for a ride and will leave them in the car with the windows cracked while they run errands. Colvin says that’s not a good idea.

Forecasters say much of Iowa will be seeing high temperatures in the 90s this week, with triple-digit heat indices.

If there are feral cats or wildlife in your neighborhood, he suggests you set out a bowl of fresh, cool water for them as well, and limit your dog’s outside time to bathroom breaks only. Colvin urges people to act immediately if they see a distressed animal outside or in an unattended car. Call your local law enforcement’s non-emergency phone number. Find more information by clicking here.

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