Governor says increase in bicycle deaths part of overall traffic problem

Des Moines, Iowa – A record number of bicyclists have died in accidents in Iowa this year, and that has caught the attention of Governor Terry Branstad. Branstad says it is part of a larger problem on the roadways.

Nine bicyclists have died in the state this year. Department of Public Safety Commissioner Roxann Ryan has put together a group that is working on the issue.

Ryan says you don’t have to be on a bike to be in danger from distracted drivers.

She says her department put out a brochure this spring trying to make motorists more aware of bicyclists. Governor Branstad says the Pokemon Go phenomenon that has hit recently has increased concerns for pedestrians.

Branstad was asked if it might be time to ban cellphone use for drivers.

The governor says he expects Commissioner Ryan’s group to make recommendations to him on distracted driving and it will be one of the major issues he talks about in his state-of-the-state address in January.

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