Iowa’s tornado tally is below average in 2016

Beautiful defined tornado in American Plains

Des Moines, Iowa – Radio Iowa – It’s a below-average year for tornadoes in Iowa. While they can strike during any month of the year, the peak time for twisters in the state is usually during May and June. Kevin Skow, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service says Iowans should not let their guard down as dark clouds could still spawn dangerous, swirling cyclones.

Of the 33 tornadoes confirmed in Iowa this year, 24 of them were rated in the weakest category of E-F-zero, while seven were E-F-ones and only two got big enough to rank as E-F-twos. There have been no E-F-threes, fours or fives.

The first three confirmed tornadoes this year all touched down on March 15th in Scott and Clinton counties, while the most recent tornado was just last week in Council Bluffs. That twister on Thursday afternoon was a relatively rare “rope” tornado or waterspout that churned up Lake Manawa. Hundreds of people in the metro area saw it and took pictures and video, including one passenger on a jetliner landing at Eppley Airfield in Omaha.

Something else that’s unusual this year, there were two days where five tornadoes were reported on the same day: April 27th saw five twisters in southwestern Iowa and July 17th brought five more in eastern Iowa.

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