Charles City’s Matt Ross Living Testament For Soldier Strong Organization

A Charles City man is a living testament to the veteran’s organization that will get the proceeds of Senator Joni Ernst’s charity motorcycle ride this past Saturday. “Soldier Strong” is a non-profit group that works with wounded veterans who have spinal injuries.

Matt Ross of Charles City was in the Iowa National Guard for 21 years. After he retired from the military, Ross was injured in a farm accident in 2014. Ernst told the more than 400 motorcyclists at the event about Ross’s case.

Ross was treated at the V-A Hospital in Minneapolis and “Soldier Strong” donated an exo-skeleton to the hospital.

Ross had a goal in mind — walk his third daughter down the aisle.

There’s no tally yet from the Ernst team as to how big the donation will be to Soldier Strong, but last year’s charity motorcycle ride raised more than 15-thousand dollars.


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