It’s going to take some time to assess flood damage to crops

Field of corn flooded by heavy rains and suffering crop damage on a farm

Janesville, Iowa – It could be weeks before we know all the damage to crops involved in the latest round of flooding. Brad Ruth farms near Janesville in Bremer County along the Shell Rock River and says the water is going down, but it’s too early to get a good assessment of the damage.

He has 150 acres of corn, and thinks part of it could be salvaged.

Even without more rains,  the wait could last until we get colder weather.

The rains for Ruth were a blessing that turned into a curse when it comes to yields.

Ruth’s situation this year is classic example of the gamble farmers sometimes take. After years of dealing with flooding issues, he was planning on this being the last year to farm the ground and was hoping to get a good final crop before putting it into the Conservation Reserve Program.

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