Alliant Energy Apologizes To Customers Over Billing


Des Moines, Iowa – Customers of Alliant Energy have been issued an apology after hundreds of customers received extremely large bills.

The apology read in part: “We recently installed a new billing system. This system has more reviews and checks to make sure customers are accurately billed. One of those reviews includes a tighter look at current energy usage.”

The apology went on to say “This summer was very hot and our customers used more energy than normal. In response, our new system sent more bills than ever before to billing representatives … despite working overtime, we didn’t have enough representatives available to review all of the bills.”

It continued by saying despite working overtime and hiring more employees, Alliant Energy employees were not able to answer all incoming calls and also call customers proactively regarding their estimate bills.

Alliant Energy officials are taking specific measures to fix the billing including adjusting their processes to prevent multi-month estimation during periods of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

They are also working with customers to spread their bill out over the next 12 months. Further, they have temporarily stopped the disconnection process who were impacted by their large bill and are waiving late fees for affected customers.

Some of the communities in our listening area affected by the Alliant Energy billing include Alpha, Calmar, Clermont, Decorah, Elgin, Nora Springs, Riceville and Rudd.

The complete apology can be viewed on the Alliant Energy Facebook page or on their website,

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