New Hampton To Continue With Jendro Garbage Bags; First Reading Of Golf Cart Ordinance Passes

New Hampton Downtown

New Hampton, Iowa – At last week’s New Hampton City Council meeting, the council voted 6-0 to continue using garbage bags rather than going to a bin system for garbage disposal.

Jendro Sanitation was awarded the bid for the bags, which will stay at the price of $1.06 for the 15 gallon bags and $1.65 for the 33-gallon bags.

Mayor Deb Larson had supported the move to using bins rather than garbage bags, but residents of the community spoke against the move. Some were concerned about the cost hike of using bins, others who move to the south for the winter were opposed to having to pay a monthly fee for the bins even when they aren’t in New Hampton.

In other city council news in New Hampton, the council approved the first of three readings to approve the ordinance of the use of golf carts and utility vehicles on most city streets.

The issue has been on the agenda of every city council meeting since June 20th. The ordinance must receive four votes to be approved. Last week’s vote was 4-2.

The earliest the ordinance can be approved will be at the November 7th meeting.

If approved, golf carts and utility vehicles will be able to be used on city streets in New Hampton from April 1 – October 31st of 2017.

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