Iowa gardeners enjoyed a good growing season

Fenced organic vegetables garden with irrigation system in a backyard.

Des Moines, Iowa – RadioIowa – The weather conditions this spring and fall that have led some farmers to report good results in their corn and bean fields have also carried over to the backyard gardener. Iowa State University’s Susan DeBlieck works with the Extension Department’s Master Gardener program.

DeBlieck says one of the demonstration gardens got hit by hail as the growing season started, but that was the only real issue she’s heard about. One vegetable in particular seemed to thrive.

There’s been a movement toward knowing where you food comes from and she says it appears more people are trying their hand at gardening based on the interest they see in the demonstration farms.

She says the recent frost has brought the gardening season to an end, but once things pick up again in the spring, you can find a variety of information from the I-S-U Extension Department.

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