Chronic Wasting Disease Confirmed In Buchanan County

Winter Buck

Independence, Iowa – Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been confirmed in one captive white-tail at a deer farm in Buchanan County.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship has quarantined the site.

The disease was detected as part of the Department’s voluntary CWD monitoring program. The farm where the disease was found participates in the program, which requires CWD surveillance and testing of all farmed deer and elk 12 months of age and older that dies. Test results must be shared with the department.

CWD was found in neighboring Wisconsin in 2002. Since then, Iowa has tested for CWD in nearly 58,000 wild deer and over 10,000 captive deer and elk as part of its surveillance program.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will increase testing of wild deer in the Buchanan County area. DNR staff will work with hunters and landowners to collect samples from hunter-harvested deer, roadkills and targeted deer displaying symptoms of CWD.

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