Lawsuit seeks class action status for those who had tickets in rigged lottery games

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Des Moines, Iowa – RadioIowa – Two Des Moines law firms have joined forces and filed the first class action lawsuit against the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) over the alleged rigging of lottery games in Iowa and other states.  The lottery association helps run multi-state lottery games and its information technology security director, Eddie Tipton, was found guilty of rigging a Hot Lotto drawing in Iowa and is accused of rigging the software of several games in other states. Nick Mauro is one of the attorneys in the case.

Dale Culler of Burlington purchased 45 dollars worth of tickets for the Iowa Hot Lotto game which was ultimately determined to be rigged. Mauro is representing Culler and says they hope to find others who also bought tickets and lost out.

Many people throw out their tickets after learning they haven’t won, but he says there are other ways to determine if you played in the rigged games.

Getting that information could be a key part of the case.

Mauro says while Tipton was acting on his own, the organization should have been able to catch him before he rigged the lotteries.

The lawsuit cites rigged drawings in Colorado beginning in 2005, three drawings in Wisconsin, one in Kansas and Oklahoma and others that Tipton is believed to be involved in, as well “additional rigged contests as yet to be determined.” Tipton was convicted on July 20th, 2015 of tampering with lottery equipment related to the December 29, 2010, Hot Lotto drawing and faces criminal charges for the other drawings.

To view the filing in PDF format, click here.

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