Second northeast Iowa county has positive CWD test in deer

Buck deer with roe-deer in a clearing

Des Moines, Iowa – The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says Chronic Wasting Disease is now confirmed in a sample taken from a wild deer in a second northeast Iowa county.  D-N-R Wildlife Management Biologist, Terry Haindfield oversees the testing.

The hunter shot the deer northwest of Elkader.  Clayton County is only the second one to have a positive test for C-W-D in wild deer and all the other positives have come from Allamakee County in the far northeast corner of the state.  There were nine positive C-W-D samples found in Allamakee County this season. Haindfield doesn’t think the cases in the two counties are related.

There’s speculation that the infected deer in both counties may’ve come from across the river in Wisconsin. Handfield says they’ll now hold a meeting to work with Clayton County residents to try and stop the spread of C-W-D.

The D-N-R has been taking some extra sample in Allamakee County to try and determine how widespread the disease might be in the deer population there. Haindfield says work continues to complete the testing on all the  samples taken from deer during the hunting season.

Chronic wasting disease is spread from animal to animal through nose to nose contact and through the urine, feces and saliva left by positive deer. There is no cure once an animal becomes infected and it is always fatal to the deer. C-W-D has not been shown to transfer to humans.

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