Immaculate Conception to Hold Pre-School and Kindergarten Open Houses

Immaculate Conception School in Charles City will host Pre-School and Kindergarten Open Houses on Tuesday February 7th.  The Open Houses will be held from 4-6pm at IC School and current pre-school teacher Korryna Peters says they will be accepting enrollment on that night.

Katie Jarvill, a Kindergarten teacher at IC talks about what parents can expect at the Open House.

Mrs. Peters gives the age requirements for pre-school and Kindergarten and details the classes that will be offered for the 2017-2018 school year.

For those thinking about having their child attend IC School for pre-school, Mrs. Peters recommends coming to the Open House and enrolling and explains how parents can do that.

Although IC is a Catholic school, Mrs. Jarvill explains that families do not need to be of Catholic faith to send their kids to school there.

For more information on the upcoming Immaculate Conception open house, you can stop by IC or give the school office a call at 228-1225.

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