Gas prices forecast to rise 50-cents a gallon by Memorial Day

Pumping Gas At Gas Pump.

Des Moines, Iowa – Iowa motorists will likely have to pay considerably more to fill their gas tanks soon, according to a forecast from Triple-A. The motor club’s Iowa spokeswoman Rose White predicts the price of gasoline will rise at least 50-cents a gallon between now and Memorial Day, perhaps much higher.

On the plus side, White says there are no fuel shortages to worry about and crude oil inventories are up eight-percent from a year ago.

While Iowa’s statewide average gas price is now two-30 a gallon, she says it’s possible some service stations could break three-bucks a gallon by summer.

The statewide average of two-30 a gallon is two cents higher than the national average. Iowa’s highest-ever average gas price was $4.02 a gallon in July of 2008.

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